Ishwer Patel, rapist from Vaudreuil-Dorion

Do you know this man from the Montreal area? Ish is the Husband of Pragna Patel.
His relatives support him
Isha Patel
Prisha Patel
Tisha Patel\u0026amp;firstName=ishwer

I’ve known this man very closely for a very long time and I think its time I warn everyone about this pedophile.

Some of the crimes he has committed:

He has raped and sexually abused many young girls
He molested girls as young as 8.
He’s taken the innocence of girls as young as 12
He has a child he has never met.
Groomed and impregnated a 15 year old and a 16 year old
Shown Child Pornography to minors
Sodomized multiple minor boys and girls
Bragged about enjoying licking the vagina of prepubescent girls and those that just started their periods
Had oral sex performed by minors
Gave alcohol to minors
Spent little time in prison due to not having enough physical/visual evidence in court
Confessed to me that he enjoys when his childrens friends visit so he can think about them later while fishing and masturbate
He is still cheating on his wife with someone she knows.
He was always into drugs since his early teenage years. Marijuana, snorting Cocaine, even Heroine during his darkest times.
Used to regularly visit prostitutes during his younger years

Keep your children away from him.

I have many pictures and evidences of his crimes. I will be slowly releasing everything little by little and making sure that everyone that knows him finds out about his crimes.

If you need more information, evidences, videos or his address, contact me at

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